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Staff Emails

David Waggonner: david@wbae.com
Mac Ball: mac@wbae.com
Charles Sterkx: charles@wbae.com
Dennis Horchoff: dennis@wbae.com
Brian Swanner: brian@wbae.com
David Curtis: davidc@wbae.com
Sarah Weinkauf: sarah@wbae.com
Maria Papacharalambous: maria@wbae.com
Steve Scollo: steve@wbae.com
Ramiro Diaz: rami@wbae.com
Leah Eumont: leah@wbae.com
Sherry Gilchrist: sherry@wbae.com
Paul Gamard: paul@wbae.com
Kate Peaden: kate@wbae.com
Jill Maumus: jill@wbae.com
Jiayi Hong: jiayi@wbae.com
Emily Palumbo: emily@wbae.com
David Demsey : ddemsey@wbae.com
Thom Smith : thom@wbae.com
Mackenzie Stagg: mackenzie@wbae.com
Kelli Reinhardt: kelli@wbae.com
Mike Biros: mike@wbae.com
Lex Agnew: lex@wbae.com

Employment Opportunities

Please send resumes, portfolios, and inquiries to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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