See Waggonner & Ball’s installation of fishing nets at waterfront public concert

Team designed and installed grid of suspended fishing nets as part of innovative waterfront performance New Water Music
April 2017   |   David Waggonner
Fishing net installation at New Water Music
Photo taken by Scott Threlkeld of The New Orleans Advocate.

A team of designers and architects from Waggonner and Ball installed a grid of 45 cylindrically shaped fishing nets, suspended from underneath a roadway overpass at varying heights, as part of the New Water Music concert experience, organized by New Orleans Airlift. Located just hundreds of feet from both Lake Pontchartrain and the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal, the material references the fragile state of Louisiana's coastal fisheries and landscape, as well as the fleet of boats and barges on which the musicians performed. The hanging nets were installed for 24 hours before being taken down and resued for other projects. More images to come soon!

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