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Academy of the Sacred Heart

New Orleans, Louisiana

Waggonner and Ball developed an educational program and a phased master plan for the future development of the campus, including acquiring two blocks adjacent to the historic campus for expansion. The buildings on this new campus were renovated in Phase 1, completed in 2005. Moving the Lower School to the new site area included a new gymnasium and athletics facility for the middle and high schools. Linked to the original historic campus by means of a new, covered bridge and incorporating the renovation of an historic building, the Phase 2 athletics complex provides competition and two practice basketball courts, training facilities, locker rooms and classrooms, and fronts a new and larger playing field. 

The contemporary vernacular architecture, with broad overhangs and balconies to provide shade and shelter in a hot and humid climate, also integrates stormwater management to save energy and prevent flooding on site. Rain falls onto the sloped roof and into channels on the columns, which lead to a large underground storage tank, which then flows into an undergound tank that slowly infiltrates the water back into the ground. The landscape also features a large rain garden for more water infiltration. Combined, this sustainable infrastructure can store up to 18,000 gallons of water - an important feature to adapt to the frequent rainfall in New Orleans. 


2012, Divine Detail Merit Award, AIA New Orleans
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