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United States Custom House

New Orleans, Louisiana

For more than 25 years, Waggonner & Ball has been the architect for many separate projects in this large National Historic Landmark structure:

- A complex set of Fire Safety Improvements, including sprinklering and new and restored stairs while the building was fully occupied ($2.2 million)

- A feasibility study with design concepts for converting the underutilized fourth floor to office space

- A Historic Building Preservation Plan, classifying and assigning numeric values to all areas and elements of the building

- A restoration project to recapture ground floor space for office use, improve sidewalks, provide ADA accessibility, light the exterior of the building, and upgrade or restore key spaces and features ($6 million)

- A Master Plan to consider comprehensively the architecture and uses of the 4-story, 325,000 square foot building and its place along Canal Street at the edge of the French Quarter

- The Audubon Institute’s Insectarium on a portion of the ground floor along with balance of the ground floor ($19 million)

- Design for a comprehensive reclamation and systems upgrade of the upper floors ($30 million) and programming for tenant improvements, primarily for Customs and Border Protection

Waggonner & Ball has won many awards for its work at the Custom House, most notably a National Honor Award for Design in Historic Preservation from the General Services Administration in 1996.


1992, U. S. Small Business Administration, National Trust for Historic Preservation, Division 7
1995, “Good Neighbor Design Honor Award for Restoration”, Vieux Carré Commission
1996, National Honor Award Design in Historic Preservation, General Services Administration
1997, Special Award for Restoration, Louisiana Preservation Alliance
1997, Honor Award, AIA New Orleans
1999, Honor Citation, AIA Gulf States Region
2012, National Preservation Award, National Trust for Historic Preservation
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