Dutch Dialogues


Facilitated by the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Washington DC, Waggonner & Ball collaborated with the Dutch National Ministries responsible for infrastructure and water management as well as spatial planning, the Province of South Holland, the Municipalities of Rotterdam and Wageningen, NIROV (Netherlands Institute for Spatial Planning and Housing), Universities at Delft, Rotterdam and Amsterdam, Water Board officials, and private engineering and design firms to improve the design of urban water management in greater New Orleans area. Cosponsored with the Dutch Embassy and the American Planning Association, two workshops were held in New Orleans.

Working from the inside out, the process resulted in innovative practices and ideas to incorporate water into the urban and suburban landscapes, seeking opportunities that increase land value as well as safety at multiple scales: Regional, the Gentilly polder/sub-basin, and the Uptown sub-basin including Central City and the Hoffman Triangle. This process, initiated by Waggonner & Ball, continues with potential to transform land use by focusing first on water.

Waggonner & Ball developed the award winning Greater New Orleans Urban Water Plan that the City of New Orleans recently adopted, following directly on the Dutch Dialogues research. Stay up to date and become involved through the project website, livingwithwater.com.


2010, Honor Award, AIA Louisiana
2010, Honor Award, AIA New Orleans

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