Unified New Orleans Planning (UNOP)

Planning for Districts 2, 12, and 13
New Orleans, Louisiana
The Unified New Orleans Plan (UNOP) addressed specific actions necessary to facilitate the recovery and rebuilding of New Orleans. The objective of the multi-level planning process was to successfully integrate community input and a set of deliverables from the district-level and neighborhood planning processes into a Unified Recovery and Rebuilding Plan that would be submitted to the City Planning Commission, City Council, Mayors Office and State of Louisiana and would encompass all districts and neighborhoods. Working with H3 Studio in our office within District 2, a rigorous process to research and document conditions and possibilities was conducted. In a compressed time period, through numerous public forums, the team gathered input from residents and developed consensus recovery vision, goals and principles. A series of projects were developed to illustrate and advocate a sustainable and resilient urban community. The planning process was organized in formal steps and was documented in a District Recovery Framework Report with the following chapters: Recovery assessment, Vision, Goals and Principles, Recovery Scenarios, Specific Recovery Projects and Implementation Strategies.


2008, Honor Award, AIA Louisiana
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